A New Year, New Habits


Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
    for I have put my trust in you.
Show me the way I should go,
    for to you I entrust my life.
Psalm 143:8

We are already a month into the new Year and you may have noticed that I took a little sabbatical in the month of January. Though, it was not because I lacked inspiration. I just felt the call to reorder a few things. And so that was what I worked on. The funny thing is God was hard at work re-ordering me and now I have a plethora of new lessons he has been teaching me that I can share with you.

But, let’s start here. How did your New Year’s go? Did you make any resolutions? And how are they going today? I know, I know, getting deep pretty fast.

If your like me, you might find your resolves waning a bit. I get it. February is a hard month. It’s hard to stay motivated to do anything in February, except maybe hibernate. Ha, ha.

I digress.

Here is where God has been dealing with me: We must remember that while goal setting is good and that living in the knowledge that God has offered us an abundant life here on earth, and that he wishes to bless us so that we can have joy –It really is nearly impossible to do so without HIM.

I personally made a resolve to read through the entire Bible. But, I’m going to do it a bit different than I have ever tried to so before.

My goal is rooted in the fact that to know God we must know what his word says. We need to truly internalize the fact that the whole of Gods word was written with purpose. That in order for us to walk closely to him, reading his word, meditating on it, memorizing it is truly is the best way to hear His voice.
So, this year I want to read every word of it. Or at least as much of it as I can in the next twelve months. But, rather than pick up one of those neat and tidy guides, that are all pretty in the package, but quick to overwhelm, I’m going to adopt a little bit more flexible approach.


First, I’m getting up in the morning. Though this has been my habit for a while, I want to encourage you to know of its value. I’m not saying that you have to study God’s word first thing in the morning, but I do believe it is vital that we make a plan for Bible study in the same way you make time for other tasks throughout the day. Do you brush your teeth everyday? What about that morning cup of Joe? Do you make it a point to arrive to work on time? Why do we make time and plan for these things? Because they are important for our health, sanity and livelihood, right? Well what if we gave God’s word the same relevance to our lives? What if we felt like we still had stinky morning breath if we missed him during the day, or had that brain fog like we would if we missed our morning coffee? God’s word really is an awesome way to start your day, or end it, wherever you need it to be. But, it must be without fail, one of those things we build in as a daily habit.

But, what if you just have that jam packed schedule that is already full to the brim? I know mine is most days. Some days I wake up late because the girls where playing that fun toddler/child game: Let’s see how many times I can wake Mommy before she snaps during the night (Please extend grace because I’m human too.) Hey, I get it. It happens. But, I hope those days will be the exception not the rule. We need to develop a hunger for Gods word just as we hunger for our meals. While snacks are fine, a nutrient dense meal is the only way to truly satisfy our bodies needs. Taking in little bites of Gods word through the day is fine, go ahead read that verse meme on Facebook, tune into that Christian Radios Station. But, don’t ignore the nourishment for your soul that comes from feasting long and deep in His word.

So, today I encourage you to open your Bible and read it. Wherever God is leading you. Next time, I’ll be sharing a few tips on how to study God’s word even if you don’t think your a great Theologian.





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