These days the Christmas season can bring a variety of “meanings” to the table. There is the commercialized Santa Claus out there distributing toys by the mountain to every “good” little girl and boy. There are the sales, and the commercials broadcasting abundance and the general idea that if you don’t have “X” you will be incomplete somehow. There is also this underlying disdain I have noticed – even among Christians – that because of the greed and commercialism maybe Christmas isn’t so important after all.

Another portion of the population would like Christmas to move away from the commercial and Christian emphasis back to it’s pagan roots as a Winter solstice celebration.

So, it’s no wonder some say, “Ba-humbug.

But what really is the “right” way to view the season? What should we do?

I’m going to be honest, I’m not really sure. How we observe and celebrate Christmas is something my family and I are working on and walking out.

But, here is something that has helped.

Opening Gods Word.

God Chose a young girl to bear His son. The Son who created the world and was with God and was God,* would leave heaven and come to all the squalor of the earth. He would walk with the lowest of the low, he would speak truth into hearts and he would draw on his breath life and hope and joy and peace. None of which were found in a physical item. None of which could be bought with any amount of money.

He just came.

He came to a poor family and watched them do the best they could to live and even save his life. He watched them marvel at how God provided for the deepest needs. He grew as boys do. He learned as children learn, he worked as men worked, he served as and example for us all.

But first he was born to fulfill the promise made long ago. When man and woman took the perfect fellowship they had with God and broke it.

We have observed Advent at our house. Not perfectly. Not religiously. But in reverence and remembrance that we need a savior. If we are to have any hope or any joy. If we are to truly love others, if we are to have any peace. We need more than what is within us. We need a Savior. The savior that took on our flesh, walked in our shoes and paid the price for our own wretched ways.

I think it was fitting that Jesus was born in the family of a carpenter. Not only can a carpenter craft some amazing and useful things, He also know’s how to fix things.


He came. He fulfilled a promise. He restored what was broken. And he did it because he loves us.

 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16




John 1:1-4
John 3:16

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