On 9/11

I have to believe every generation has that moment. The moment when something happens that you will remember for the rest of your life. That one day that happens in slow motion and challenges every fiber of faith in your being. 15 years ago today, was that moment for me. The terror attacks that happened on September 11, 2001 are forever etched in my memory. I was a mere 19 years old. Up to that point I was pretty sure I had life figured out. I was living and doing my own thing.
However, on that day, I will never forget hearing the first report on the radio while at work. I remember I just shook my head certain this must be some kind of joke. I remember the moment the radio DJ’s voice changed, and how we all dropped what we were doing to go watch the news in the break-room. I remember trying to call my best friend who lived in Washington DC and who’s father worked in the Pentagon, and how cell phone lines where down and calls, even local ones could not get through for days.
It was a time of such uncertainty, and yet such brilliance. As the day slowly wore on, we could see the workers, and the first-responders, heroically doing what only God could put in their hearts to do. Our Country united in a way I had never seen, and have yet to see again.
I remember that on that day we all looked to or for God. We tried to grasp the enormity of this event. How it would affect our lives and the lives of those around us. I remember that first nudging to care about my neighbor and the stranger as the same blessings from God. I remember the heartbreak as each story unfolded, the pleas from mothers and fathers, those looking for children. The children. The stories of the children lost, and the last phone calls made. My heart still aches for these who were most affected by the horrific details of that day.
As the evil railed and warred against the good, I remember the stirring in my heart, that searching for where God was, and that strange calm and courage that I felt beneath all the fear. Knowing, I once knew a God bigger than all of this. I looked for Him and found strength and peace to keep going, one step in front of the other. I remember that as each day passed following September 11th, that still calm heart voice getting stronger, that feeling that life could never be the same, though I really had no idea of how or what changes were to come. 
 Yes, at 19 I had that first moment when the world seemed to stand still and the thing to do was to try and find God in it all. 
September 11th marked the first time I saw the war between good and evil played out before my very eyes. And I have ONE to praise for the battle victory over that darkness. Sure the war is not over, it can’t be, not yet. But, I know now where my help comes from. I know who is bigger and brighter than any shadow that is cast over our lives. I would rather this not have happened, and I pray my children would be spared from their moment in future history. But, regardless, I rest in the knowledge that God is over all of it. 
Peace to you as you remember your moment on this day. 
And to God…

Aba, Father! I cry out and praise you in the same breath. God, you are good. So, good. And yet we are lost and do not remember the great things You have done. Let us not forget that in the midst of the evil in this fallen world, YOU are with us, You do not forget us. let us remember that you triumph always.
Father, I have lived to see a time when our nation united under you. And now I live in a time where we are so very divided. Let this not continue to be so. May we remember how good and how pleasant it is for us to dwell together in unity.
As we remember how our nations history was changed on September 11th, let us also remember how we rallied to live as one nation under God. Thank you God, that nothing in this world has ever happened, that there is nothing that you do not know about, or that will happen that your hand is not in. Help us to see YOU in it all. Thank you for your continued blessing upon us. I pray you will see fit to continue watch over bless our nation.
In Jesus mighty name, Amen. 


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