Adrian Western Days Follow up

Hello everyone,

We want to thank you for all of your support at Western Days.We have had so many people amazed that the churches, businesses and community would come together in such unity to do something like this for free on this scale. It was a lot of work and sacrifice on your part but it was worth it. During Cowboy camp there was around 70 decisions for Christ and some at bull riding as well.

Just think of the thousands of people that got to hear the gospel during the Bull Riding! It’s all because of your willing and obedient hearts to serve the Lord and one another. I didn’t realize it till the next day but they said they were turning people away and they have not had to do that before at the fair. There is already talk about next year.

We also want to take this time and ask forgiveness for any confusion or offence of any sort for your part of volunteering at  Western Days. This is our first time ever at a fair and we do realize that we need to change some things to make it go smoother as we move forward. That being said we would like your feedback, any testimonials, and suggestions that you may have to make things easier and better for you as volunteers. We thank you for your love ,grace, and service.

We will be going through all our contact cards soon and will be sending out emails with all of the churches contact information and invite them to those fellowships as well as a reminder of all the businesses  and their information that supported Western Days. I also wanted to share part of an email from our good friends and missionaries Syd and Liz Doyle from Nations Light Ministries:

We’d like you to pass on what I’m writing😊👍.What happened at Prayer meeting and Rodeo was very special. Not seen anything like this in the 10 yrs we’ve been in MI!!

What a blessing to come to see 50+ people from different churches in prayer. Psalm 133 working and I believe that God was fulfilling His Promise in that psalm by ‘commanding a blessing!’vv3.

You captured something there and I would strongly encourage to keep it for 2 more months leading up to when Franklin Graham comes to the Lansing State house for his prayer on the Tuesday 4th October. Have you seen he is traveling to each State praying at their State houses with thousands of people coming out?

Your prayer in Granny’s grub hall!!… would just be ONCE in August on 9th (when we can come) and ONCE on 6th Sept (we’re then in UK). Then it would be build up for the Lansing State house with Franklin Graham on 4th October. Just an idea for your board/team to prayerfully consider. It was such an encouragement to Liz and myself and hopefully others too. I believe we were touching/moving God’s heart. Then to see the stands packed for the rodeo and the riders giving their all and risking life and limb (like Jesus) and the response for salvation. It’s not always the response of those who came forward but there were hundreds touched both in the cowboy camp and at night.

This is the first time there has been opportunity as far as we know, for such a big and united event with churches. We see it overseas in Pakistan, UK, Sri Lanka, Africa and Latin America but first time in Michigan. It’s a strategy of unity and God uses it!!

More Prayer please!!!😳🎉😊👍🏼🙏🏻💥

Syd & Liz


We think this is a wonderful idea and have decided that we will have two more prayer meetings with a caravan to Lansing.

August 9th at 7 PM  at Miracle Meadows ( Follow up for Western Days and Prayer )

September 6th at 7 PM  ( Prayer Meeting)

October 4th Caravan to Lansing ( details to follow)

All event details can be found on our website: or our Facebook page:

Once again thank you for all you do for His Glory!!


Western Days Ministries Team



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