The Lamp and Light

Psalm 119-105

There is this thing I try to do every morning. I’m not always successful, but I do try.
It is to open my Bible and read a bit of God’s word. When I do, my day seems to go much better. Of course the day doesn’t improve –as if by magic–just because I read my Bible. No, I believe it improves because it has shed some light on this earthly path I am walking.

How many of us feel that the world has gone mad? Or that our own circumstances are overwhelming? Sometimes I feel like I am at the bottom of a deep valley, hardly reachable by the sun.

But, when I open my bible and read the truths found there I am always comforted. It is like a shaft of light crossing my path. It helps my perspective.

So, today I encourage you, especially if you are feeling down or overwhelmed. Just Open your Bible. Read something. Let that light shine on your path.

Oh, and if you don’t know where to start. My two favorite places to begin are the Book of John and Psalms. John is God’s love letter they call it. Here I see who Jesus really is and His passion for people and his plan. And I find so much comfort in the Psalms. Written in Prose and so easy to relate to. This book was written, by real people with real problems. And is filled with the overwhelm that I know I face. But, it is also, filled with so much hope.

Does God’s word bring you comfort? I’d love to hear about your favorite passages or how you find time and ways to be encouraged. Or even better, if you are inspired to start reading, tell us. Just leave your reply below.

God Bless you in your Journey,





One thought on “The Lamp and Light

  1. Rita, I love that you have a “go to” place in the word of God. My favorites are Proverbs and James- practical and straightforwards.


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